Want to erase the ravages of time on your welding equipment? Look to Leblanc Electro-Tech's welding equipment maintenance service in St-Bruno-de-Montarville, available in Greater Montreal and beyond.

« New or used parts to get your welding equipment working again »

In the areas surrounding Montreal, Leblanc Electro-Tech ensures the maintenance of any welding equipment.

Respecting deadlines and a recognized expertise in all types of welding equipment: trust Leblanc Electro-Tech with the maintenance of you welding equipment in order to guarantee its performance and its longevity. Regardless of the brand, we'll work on any type of equipment, such as covered electrode (SMAW), MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), submerged-arc (SAW), Plasma, Orbital, stud welding. For industrial welding equipment, we can send our mobile team to diagnose and resolve your problems. We are able to replace defective parts of any company located around Greater Montreal, St-Bruno-de-Montarville or the South Shore.

One single team to serve all welding workshops in the areas surrounding St-Bruno-de-Montarville.

If your welding equipment has become too dilapidated and it's better to replace it with a more recent, better performing and safer model, you can count on the expertise and options offered by Leblanc Electro-Tech. Through Leblanc Electro-Tech's welding equipment purchasing and sales department, you'll find a large selection of performance equipment, such as blow torches, welding machines, safety masks, gloves, etc. You no longer need to run all over Greater Montreal to get equipment or to maintain your welding equipment: everything you need can be found at St-Bruno-de-Montarville, whether its parts or used equipment.

« 20 years of experience in the maintenance of welding equipment in Greater Montreal »

You'll benefit from:

  • Our know-how
  • Our 20 years of experience
  • Our reactivity and our mobility

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